The New Integrant

of your Oral Health Routine

Oral health, simplified and optimized at its best. With the new Piccolo device, regular flossing is a thing of the past.

Meet The Piccolo

A handy and convenient device that will help you keep your smile cleaner.

Soft Rotating Contoured Filament

Designed for plaque and biofilm removal with minimum pressure.

Replaceable Tip

To facilitate easy cleaning and replacement to maintain thorough teeth cleaning.

Easy and comfortable to handle

Different models suitable for kids, adults and Carers. Thus making teeth cleaning easy for all.

Powered by a single AA 1.5V battery

Primary or rechargeable for portability.

Different Options

For Every Lifestyle

We believe in versatility, which means that we know sometimes one size does not fit all. From different hand grips to filament softness options, we make sure that The Piccolo covers your exact needs and gives you an effective oral cleaning routine.

Quick and Easy

 The Piccolo performs thorough teeth cleaning and helps prevent Plaque and Biofilm formation. Easier than dental floss, interdental brushes or water jets to use. It is perfect for people with braces or bridges.


The Piccolo has a soft rotating filament specially designed to remove Plaque and biofilm from  your teeth and gums, gently and easily.

The Latest Technology

The Piccolo uses patented technology to make flossing less of a chore and to perform teeth cleaning fast. The filament motion scrapes plaque and biofilm from surfaces and is liked by people with gum disease, bridges or braces.

Tested and Approved by Professionals

Our #1 passion is your smile’s wellbeing. The Piccolo is 100% made of non toxic materials, and its daily use has been carefully tested approved by oral health professionals. We take pride on being a fully Australian company, specialized on tooth plaque prevention.

Your Smile, Our Passion

Read the opinions from some users of The Piccolo

Very pleased with my experience using the Piccolo. I recently bought one for my daughter. She's 10 years old, and although I'm always reminding her to floss, she has never liked it. The Piccolo made it easier for her, she keeps it near her toothbrush and now she never forgets to floss!

Aura Brooks

I have braces. My dentist always tells me the importance of flossing; but I've always thought that regular floss was very unhygienic and awkward to use. I care a lot about my dental health, so I made my own research online and found the Piccolo. Honestly I couldn't be happier! It's very easy to use and clean; and also the tip is very soft and reaches places that would be impossible to clean with regular floss.

Eve Crawford

The Piccolo was a life saver. I love the tip's softness. I've cut my own gums multiple times using regular floss and it sucks. Now flossing is as simple and painless as brushing my teeth.

Zak Reid

Piccolo Pocket

Perfect for travelling: fits in your hand luggage perfectly.

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Piccolo Family

For general family use.

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Piccolo Pro

Designed for those with big hands or limited dexterity.

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